• Q24M-Secure-Night
* Hemispherical all-round view for complete room coverage
* MEGA, 1280x960, CMOS-Sensor black/white,
* Sensitivity (color): 0,1 lux (t = 1/60 sec) / 0,005 lux (t = 1/1 sec)
* Digital, continuous zooming and panning
* Robust and maintenance-free, without mechanically moving parts
* Event-controlled, complete room recording directly in the camera
* Alarm function, speaker and microphone integrated
* Discreet and inconspicuous design
* Higher frame rates up to double speed of Q22
* Panorama Correction: perfect image adaptation in panorama view
* All Q24M-SEC models are equipped with 4GB micro-SD card
* USB and Ethernet plugs accessible from backside
* Class of PoE is selectable now. Chose PoE Class 1, 2 or 3
* Typical power consumption of 4.5 Watt with micro-SD card recording and no extra components.

Hemispherical Dome camera (night version)for indoor and outdoor use with a resolution of 1.3 MEGA. The noble design allows an allround view of 360° with only one camera.
Demo available here.

ΜΟΒΟΤΙΧ A.G. Q24M-Secure-Night

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